The Bronze Spa of Summer Lovers Villa

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What makes the Summer Lovers Villa in Akrotiri, Santorini truly stand out, is the stunning Spa included in the Villa’s premises. In a peaceful space perfect for sharing calm moments of relaxation and wellness, you can indulge in all of summer’s pleasures. The Bronze Spa’s facilities include Massage Room for 2, a sauna, a relaxation Suite and an inviting Jacuzzi whereas in its outdoor spaces you can find a deck perfect for sunset Yoga or Pilates sessions and a cozy bar for refreshing breaks. For arranging appointments with certified massage therapists or personal Yoga trainers, please address the Summer Lovers Villa concierge.


The Bronze Spa Premises

  • Sauna
  • Massage Room (with 2 beds)
  • Relaxation Suite
  • Heated jacuzzi-pool for 4 people for aromatotherapy and other spa therapies
  • Bathroom


The Bronze Spa Outdoors

  • Bar with speakers
  • Deck for yoga sessions