The magnificent island of Santorini

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Santorini is for Lovers

Santorini is a spectacular island with an extraordinary character and inimitable charm that attracts myriads of visitors from all around the world. The breath-taking wonder of the caldera of Santorini, the unusual traditional architecture full of charming, sugar-cube shaped homes cliffhanging above the sea, and the amazing energy of the volcano give Santorini an alluring, captivating ambiance that mesmerizes the senses, making this tiny island one of the most romantic destinations world-wide. It is often said that even if you are not in love when you arrive in Santorini, you will surely be when you leave.

Naturally, everything in Santorini revolves around romance and love. One of the top destinations in the Mediterranean for spectacular weddings and brimming with picture-perfect spots for viewing the one-of-a-kind sunset, Santorini offers an abundance of romantic activities that you and your loved one can enjoy.

There are many ways to explore the beauty and charms of Santorini; the most popular one is by cruising around the coast on a private yacht or sailing boat, an amazing opportunity to admire this unique island from an uncommon point of view. Visiting some of Santorini’s beaches is a must; their volcanic origins have bequeathed them with unusual colours and otherworldly landscapes, perfect for memorable photos and unique swimming opportunities. Don’t miss out on the Red Beach, the White Beach, Perissa, Kamari, and nearby Mesa Pigadia beaches. Sightseeing is another experience you should not miss; the medieval Kastelia of Santorini, in Pyrgos, Akrotiri, Oia, Skaros and Emporeio are a part of medieval history that adds to the mystifying ambiance of the island, where you can enjoy both intriguing strolls and amazing views. Visiting the ancient sites of Akrotiri and Ancient Thira is also highly recommended for those interested in Santorini’s history.

As for activities, a wide variety is available especially for couples; exciting watersports, horse-back riding tours, wine tastings in local wineries combined with the delightful tastes of Santorini, sunset viewing from delightful spots are among the experiences that can truly divulge the romantic character of Santorini. And of course, you can arrange for any such experience in the privacy and comfort of Summer Lovers Villa; address our concierge for private dining arrangements, for romantic wine tastings or exquisite sunset parties for you and your guests. Summers in Santorini were made for love, and Summer Lovers Villa is the perfect place to be!